Title Category Description
EAN-Search EAN-Search Bar Code The EAN-Search API allows you to lookup products by EAN, UPC or GTIN barcode.
MyAPI MyAPI Open Source Projects A template to create awesome APIs easily ⚡️
Google Barcode Google Barcode Bar Code The Barcode API detects barcodes in real-time, on device, in any orientation. It can also detect multiple barcodes at once.
Abstract Email Validation Abstract Email Validation Email Validate email addresses for deliverability and spam
IBANAPI IBANAPI Finance Validate IBAN number & get bank account from it.
OMDB OMDB Movies OMDb provides a subscription based web service to obtain information and metadata about movies.
Allkeyshop Allkeyshop Games & Comics The most complete price comparison site for video games
AdoptAPet AdoptAPet Animals Resource to help get pets adopted
Cat Facts Cat Facts Animals Daily cat facts
Pokéapi Pokéapi Games & Comics Pokémon Information
Hirak Translation Hirak Translation Text Analysis Translate between 21 of most used languages, accurate, unlimited requests
Pokémon TCG Pokémon TCG Games & Comics Pokémon TCG Information
Harry Potter HP-API Harry Potter HP-API Video Harry Potter API
Advanced Stock and Crypto APIs by Yuzu Advanced Stock and Crypto APIs by Yuzu Finance Yuzu is the fastest way to start building with market data: stocks, crypto, ETFs, mutual funds, and forex. Access real-time and historical data using streaming and GraphQL APIs.
Universalis Universalis Games & Comics Final Fantasy XIV market board data
Dogs Dogs Animals Based on the Stanford Dogs Dataset
AniDB AniDB Anime Anime Database
AniList AniList Anime Anime discovery & tracking
Petfinder Petfinder Animals Petfinder is dedicated to helping pets find homes, another resource to get pets adopted
Améthyste Améthyste Art & Design Generate images for Discord users
PokéAPI (GraphQL) PokéAPI (GraphQL) Games & Comics The Unofficial GraphQL for PokeAPI
Coffee Coffee Food & Drink Random pictures of coffee
RescueGroups RescueGroups Animals Adoption
7Timer! 7Timer! Weather Weather, especially for Astroweather
Chronicling America Chronicling America News Provides access to millions of pages of historic US newspapers from the Library of Congress
Agify.io Agify.io Development Estimates the age from a first name
Chomp Chomp Food & Drink Data about various grocery products and foods
Auth0 Auth0 Authentication & Authorization Easy to implement, adaptable authentication and authorization platform
Google Books Google Books Books Books
Microsoft Advertising Platform - Bing Ads API Microsoft Advertising Platform - Bing Ads API Advertising Provides programmatic access to various advertising technologies.
Faroo Faroo News Alternative to Google Web Search API / Google News Search API, allows you to search news within dates, fetch trending news, topics and terms.
Atom Finance Atom Finance Finance Atom Finance provides access to real-time market data, earnings reports, financials, and company news.
Beeceptor Beeceptor Development Build a mock Rest API endpoint in seconds
Art Institute of Chicago Art Institute of Chicago Art & Design Art
LocationIQ LocationIQ Geocoding Provides forward/reverse geocoding and batch geocoding
The Dog The Dog Animals A public service all about Dogs, free to use when making your fancy new App, Website or Service
Juju Juju Jobs Job search engine
IP (LabStack) IP (LabStack) Geocoding Lookup country, region, city, time-zone, currency and language of an IP
ThronesApi ThronesApi Video Game Of Thrones Characters Data with imagery
ScraperApi ScraperApi Development Easily build scalable web scrapers
API-FOOTBALL API-FOOTBALL Sports & Fitness Get information about Football Leagues & Cups
Aemet Aemet Weather Weather and forecast data from Spain
Cats Cats Animals Pictures of cats from Tumblr
Waifu.pics Waifu.pics Anime Image sharing platform for anime images
Yandex.Weather Yandex.Weather Weather Assesses weather condition in specific locations
GiantBomb GiantBomb Videogames API to query the GiantBomb database for videogames, characters, companies, genres and many more.
Lucifer Quotes Lucifer Quotes Video Returns Lucifer quotes
Bandsintown Bandsintown Music Music Events
Pokéapi Pokéapi Entertainment All the Pokémon data you'll ever need, in one place.
Age of Empires II Age of Empires II Games & Comics Get information about Age of Empires II resources
Scale Nucleus Scale Nucleus Machine Learning Nucleus helps ML teams build better datasets. Bring together your data, ground truth and model predictions to effortlessly fix model failures and data quality issues.
Zoo Animals Zoo Animals Animals Facts and pictures of zoo animals
Twayobiz Twayobiz Cloud Storage & File Sharing Twayobiz offers file sharing for businesses reimagined.
TVmaze TVmaze Movies TV Show and web series database. Episode guide, cast, crew and character information. Recaps, reviews, episode trailers, celebrity photos and more.
Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Quotes Gives quotes from "Breaking Bad".
A Bíblia Digital A Bíblia Digital Books Do not worry about managing the multiple versions of the Bible
Shotstack Video Editing API Shotstack Video Editing API Miscellaneous Allows you to build scalable video automation workflows and video-first applications with capability to edit and generate thousands of customized videos.
IGDB IGDB Videogames Access the International Games Database and get information about videogames, characters, companies, genres and many more. Commercial usage is allowed.
HTTP Dog HTTP Dog Animals Dogs for every HTTP response status code
Bhagavad Gita Bhagavad Gita Miscellaneous Bhagavad Gita in various languages.
Shibe.Online Shibe.Online Animals Random pictures of Shiba Inu, cats or birds
AnimeChan AnimeChan Anime Anime quotes (over 10k+)
Bank Data API Bank Data API Finance Instant IBAN and SWIFT number validation across the globe
FRED FRED Finance Economic data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Public APIs Public APIs Development This is the official API for the Public APIs project
Wegmans Wegmans Shopping Wegmans Food Markets
Nager.Date Nager.Date Calendar Public holidays for more than 90 countries
Verifier Verifier Email Verifies that a given email is real
BinaryEdge BinaryEdge Security Provide access to BinaryEdge 40fy scanning platform
PunkAPI PunkAPI Food & Drink Brewdog Beer Recipes
Disify Disify Email Validate and detect disposable and temporary email addresses
QR Code API QR Code API Bar Code QR Code REST API. Can create QR code images or read existing images and return the contents.
VALR VALR Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Exchange based in South Africa
National Vulnerability Database National Vulnerability Database Security U.S. National Vulnerability Database
eBird eBird Animals Retrieve recent or notable birding observations within a region
CORS Proxy CORS Proxy Development Get around the dreaded CORS error by using this proxy as a middle man
AnonFiles AnonFiles Cloud Storage & File Sharing Upload and share your files anonymously
QR code QR code Development Create an easy to read QR code and URL shortener
AccuWeather AccuWeather Weather Weather and forecast data
Findwork Findwork Jobs Job board
Tax Data API Tax Data API Finance Instant VAT number and tax validation across the globe
Colormind Colormind Art & Design Color scheme generator
apilayer weatherstack apilayer weatherstack Weather Real-Time & Historical World Weather Data API
Archive.org Archive.org Open Data The Internet Archive
Classify Classify Security Encrypting & decrypting text messages
Hugging Face Datasets API Hugging Face Datasets API Machine Learning The 🤗 Datasets server gives access to the contents, metadata and basic statistics of the Hugging Face Hub datasets via a REST API.
Open Library Open Library Books Books, book covers and related data
Censys.io Censys.io Security Search engine for Internet connected host and devices
Dog Facts Dog Facts Animals Random dog facts
Imgflip Imgflip Entertainment Gets an array of popular memes
User Agents API User Agents API Content The User Agents API is a simple, yet powerful tool that helps you mask user agents for collecting data from websites. By using the User Agents API, you can crawl through web pages and collect data without having to worry about being banned or blocked. The User Agents API works by allowing you to switch to different users. This means that you can scrape data and crawl through websites without having to worry about being detected, blocked, banned or even kicked.
languagelayer languagelayer Data Validation Language detection
Catboy Catboy Anime Neko images, funny GIFs & more
API Grátis API Grátis Development Multiples services and public APIs
Open Weather Open Weather Weather Access current weather data for any location on Earth including over 200,000 cities!
Project Gutenberg API Project Gutenberg API Books A RESTful API to access the entire Project Gutenberg catalogue.
Facebook Marketing API Facebook Marketing API Advertising Manage ads and campaigns using the Facebook API.
Vantevo Analytics Vantevo Analytics Analytics Vantevo Analytics is the safer Google Analytics alternative, because you don't need any cookies not compliant with GDPR. A website analytics tool easy to use and light, that you can integrate into any website and back-end.
Bingbot API Bingbot API Security A REST API to confirm if an IP address is used by Bingbot
Cataas Cataas Animals Cat as a service (cats pictures and gifs)