Title Category Description
Get Accurate Weather Data  Get Accurate Weather Data Environment The accuracy of even the best weather APIs is determined by the quality of the ML models in use. Ambee's weather models are time-tested and have proven accuracy. Components you get in weather API are wind speed, wind direction, chances of rain, visibility, and many more.
BigDataCloud's IP Geolocation API BigDataCloud's IP Geolocation API Geocoding The world’s most accurate IP geolocation data, powered by BigDataCloud’s industry’s first fully scientific patent-pending IP Geolocation technology.
EAN-SB EAN-SB Bar Code API for product lookups by EAN / UPC / ISBN. Product info includes title, category, manufacturer and additional metadata.
Bank Card BIN Number Check Bank Card BIN Number Check Finance A bank card bin number verification service is a system that can help verify the authenticity of a bank card by validating the first six digits, known as the Bank Identification Number (BIN) of the card. The BIN number, also known as the issuer identification number (IIN), is used to identify the institution that issued the card and can provide important information such as the card type, country of issuance, and card network.
Serpdog Serpdog Open Data Serpdog is a Google Search API that allows you to access Google Search Results in real time. It solves the problem of proxies and captchas for a smooth scraping journey. Serpdog supports results in both HTML and JSON format. Developers can target the search results of any country on the earth.
TranslateWP TranslateWP Dictionaries Translate between 21 of most used languages
Text to Image Text to Image Art & Design This API is based on Stable Diffusion which is a latent text-to-image diffusion model capable of generating photo-realistic images given any text input.
Metrx Factory Metrx Factory Sports & Fitness Predictive football analytics API. Get expected scores from quantitative models and statistically fair odds for upcoming and historical matches. Find discrepancies by comparing ratings to final results and market prices. Quantify team performance and trends using the Metrx Index algorithm.
RocketAPI RocketAPI Social ⚡️ RocketAPI is meant to be the easiest social scraping API available on the web. 💸 Building a custom social scraping solution can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, focus on your business and let RocketAPI do the heavy lifting.
Petfinder Petfinder Public API Lists Adoption
Shotstack Shotstack Video Develop video applications with cloud-based video editing API
Potter DB Potter DB Video Data from the Harry Potter Universe: Characters, Movies, Books, Spells and Potions
Meme Meme Personality JSON API for a random meme scraped from reddit
Fruits Fruits Open Data Information of fruit trees of the world
IsItWater IsItWater Geocoding A free API to determine if a lat/lon is on water or land
Scoresaber Scoresaber Games & Comics Scoresaber Stats
Blue Archive Blue Archive Games & Comics Blue Archive Game data API Characters
DynamicDocs DynamicDocs Documents & Productivity Generate dynamic PDFs with JSON to PDF API based on LaTeX
Scraper.run Scraper.run Development Geolocation API,lookup DNS & whois record of a domain
Screenshots Screenshots Development Free capture a full screenshot of the website with high resolution and without watermarks
ipapi.is ipapi.is Development Public IP Address API with company, ASN and hosting detection support
Scraper.run Scraper.run Data Validation Email address validation
MEXC Global MEXC Global Cryptocurrency Crypto asset exchange for trading Marketplace
TikTok TikTok Social Media TikTok Display API allows you to display TikTok creator's videos and their profile information and many more features.
Fruits API Fruits API Content API GraphQL with information on fruit trees of the world.
The Walking Dead API The Walking Dead API Entertainment Free to use RESTful API based upon The Walking Dead Series.
Nick Cannon Baby API Nick Cannon Baby API Entertainment JSON API for entertainer Nick Cannon's many children and baby mamas.
Better Call Saul API Better Call Saul API Entertainment Your favorite lawyer's API. Get data for characters, episodes and much more.
PENDAX PENDAX Cryptocurrency Javascript SDK for Trading, Data, and Websockets for FTX, FTXUS, OKX, Bybit, & More.
edrra edrra Development Edrra is and easy multi-service API: Database API Google Search API Crypto payment API Translator API Send SMS API Weather API QR code API Validation API Link Shortener API and much more...
D7SMS D7SMS Communication Direct7 Networks is a messaging service provider helping out organizations communicate with customers in an efficient way. The platform gets a user-friendly API with seamless integration capabilities for brands to indulge in. Our simplified API is compliant with both Unicode as well as normal messaging requirements. Moreover, the 2FA OTP service is cost-effective, simple, instant, and automated by nature, enabling users to get relevant tasks streamlined within just 20 seconds.
redirection.io redirection.io Security redirection.io is a Web traffic redirection manager. It provides a collection of tools for website administrators, SEO agencies and developers, which help analyze HTTP errors, setup HTTP redirects and monitor the traffic efficiently. Among other features, redirection.io tools include: * save and analyze traffic logs * track the most common HTTP errors * setup 1:1 redirection rules, or rules using markers * test new rules against the website "real life" trafic * fix the meta tags
Volca Technology API Volca Technology API Programming An open API providing lists of technologies for use by system inventory systems, job posting metadata or SaaS services.
Tsunami API Tsunami API Blockchain The Tsunami API provides Web3 dApps and protocols access to the full spectrum of data on a given blockchain. Providing raw data — both real-time and historical — will enable our clients to track any kind of events, metrics, or statistics they desire, such as TVL, liquidity, current and historical token prices, user balances, and more. Here are some things you get using our tools: •‎ Get Events •‎ Get Calls •‎ Get Transaction Information • ‎Get Transaction Information with logs
CarbonSutra CarbonSutra Business CarbonSutra simplifies the calculation of Scope 1/2/3/ emissions for organizations. It calculates carbon emissions through API calls, backed by transparent data sources and algorithms. The data results can be directly used to measure the footprint, bypassing the complexity of the calculations. Use it to estimate emissions of fuel combustion, electricity consumption, owned vehicle, hotel stay and flight travel.
MORE MORE Data Validation MORE is an award-winning email verification API. It provides a simple, fast and secure way to verify email addresses in real time. Use MORE in sign-up forms, CRM and marketing platforms whenever you need to verify an email address with a high degree of accuracy.
Groundhog Day API Groundhog Day API Open Data The GROUNDHOG-DAY.com API is the leading data source for North America's prognosticating groundhogs: see predictions from over 45 groundhogs with predictions spanning over a century.
Potter DB Potter DB Books API with data from the Harry Potter Universe: more than 4000 Characters, 300 Spells, 150 Potions, as well as Books and Movies from HP.
Rollee Rollee Finance Rollee is an API for income and activity data, based on PayRoll and work platform sources.
PicWish Background Removal API PicWish Background Removal API Photography PicWish Background Removal API helps you remove backgrounds from images quickly with just a few lines of code, freeing you from repetitive work. Excellent choice for resellers, marketers, e-commerce, developers, and product managers. AI-powered, easy-to-integrate! Get 50 Free API Credits.
Makini Makini Business With Makini, you can connect to CMMS systems of your own or your customers easily, using one simple unified API.
Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Quotes Gives quotes from "Breaking Bad".
Congress.gov API Congress.gov API Miscellaneous The beta Congress.gov Application Programming Interface (API) provides a method for Congress and the public to view, retrieve, and re-use machine-readable data from collections available on Congress.gov.
Hugging Face Datasets API Hugging Face Datasets API Machine Learning The 🤗 Datasets server gives access to the contents, metadata and basic statistics of the Hugging Face Hub datasets via a REST API.
Dynamic QR Code Dynamic QR Code Bar Code Generate dynamic and static QR Codes.
Meteosource weather API Meteosource weather API Weather Meteosource is a Global Weather API for real-time, forecast & historical weather data. By learning from historical data and various model forecasts, we achieve the highest possible accuracy. Get real-time current weather, hyper-local weather forecasts, historical weather, weather maps, weather statistics, and more.
Googlebot API Googlebot API Security A REST API to confirm if an IP address is used by Googlebot
Bingbot API Bingbot API Security A REST API to confirm if an IP address is used by Bingbot
HTTP Garden HTTP Garden Animals Gardening for every HTTP response status code
HTTP Cats HTTP Cats Animals Cats for every HTTP response status code
Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Here you can, quickly and free capture a full screenshot of the website with high resolution and without watermarks. To do this, you only need a link to the page from which you want to get a screen capture.
CBE API CBE API Business A free API for the CBE Public Database (Chamber of commerce of Belgium) to build your business apps. This is used to fetch public data for enterprises.
t6 IoT t6 IoT IoT t6 is an 'oriented-Data' platform to connect physical Objects with timeseries DB.
Allkeyshop Allkeyshop Games & Comics The most complete price comparison site for video games
Urban Dictionary Urban Dictionary Dictionaries Online dictionary for slang words and phrases
Scale Nucleus Scale Nucleus Machine Learning Nucleus helps ML teams build better datasets. Bring together your data, ground truth and model predictions to effortlessly fix model failures and data quality issues.
Twayobiz Twayobiz Cloud Storage & File Sharing Twayobiz offers file sharing for businesses reimagined.
Shotstack Video Editing API Shotstack Video Editing API Miscellaneous Allows you to build scalable video automation workflows and video-first applications with capability to edit and generate thousands of customized videos.
RandomGermanWords RandomGermanWords Miscellaneous An API for generating random german words.
Vantevo Analytics Vantevo Analytics Analytics Vantevo Analytics is the safer Google Analytics alternative, because you don't need any cookies not compliant with GDPR. A website analytics tool easy to use and light, that you can integrate into any website and back-end.
MyAPI MyAPI Open Source Projects A template to create awesome APIs easily ⚡️
imglab imglab Design imglab allows you to simplify the image processing and optimization flow for your web, app, or service. Use our URL image API and CDN to deliver faster and improve your customer satisfaction and SEO.
PredictHQ PredictHQ Disasters Events and natural disasters data
RWLabs RWLabs Disasters All types of disaster data
Yahoo! Weather Yahoo! Weather Weather Weather
Weather Hacks Weather Hacks Weather Weather, for Japan
NOAA Climate Data NOAA Climate Data Weather Weather and climate data
Dark Sky Dark Sky Weather Weather
Harry Potter HP-API Harry Potter HP-API Video Harry Potter API
CarsXE API CarsXE API Vehicle Vehicle data and vin decoder, specs, plates, market value, ownership cost and images
WhereIsMyTransport WhereIsMyTransport Transportation Platform for public transport data in emerging cities
Transport for India Transport for India Transportation India Public Transport API
Transport for Boston, US Transport for Boston, US Transportation MBTA API
Amadeus Travel Innovation Sandbox Amadeus Travel Innovation Sandbox Transportation Travel Search - Limited usage
AIS Web AIS Web Transportation Aeronautical information in digital media produced by the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA)
Sweden Sweden Tracking Provides information about parcels in transport
ParallelDots AI APIs ParallelDots AI APIs Text Analysis Suite of Text Analysis APIs such as sentiment analysis, keyword extract and named entity extraction
UI Names UI Names Test Data Generate random fake names
Micro-Jaymock Micro-Jaymock Test Data Tiny API mocking microservice for generating fake JSON data
PIPL PIPL Test Data Free and public API that generates random and fake people's data in JSON
Identicon Identicon Test Data Generates abstract avatar image
Football-Data.org Football-Data.org Sports & Fitness Football Data
Cartola FC Cartola FC Sports & Fitness The Cartola FC API serves to check the partial points of your team
BikeWise BikeWise Sports & Fitness Bikewise is a place to learn about and report bike crashes, hazards and thefts
PWRTelegram bot PWRTelegram bot Social Boosted version of the Telegram bot API
Buffer Buffer Social Access to pending and sent updates in Buffer
Wegmans Wegmans Shopping Wegmans Food Markets
Bratabase Bratabase Shopping Database of different types of Bra Sizes
Censys.io Censys.io Security Search engine for Internet connected host and devices
NASA APOD (unofficial API) NASA APOD (unofficial API) Science & Math API for getting APOD (Astronomy Image of the Day) images along with metadata
tronalddump.io tronalddump.io Personality Api & web archive for the things Donald Trump has said
Libraries.io Libraries.io Open Source Projects Open source software libraries
Quandl Quandl Open Data Stock Market Data
Marijuana Strains Marijuana Strains Open Data Marijuana strains, races, flavors and effects
fonoApi fonoApi Open Data Mobile Device Description
CivicFeed CivicFeed Open Data News articles and public datasets
Search.gov Jobs Search.gov Jobs Jobs Tap into a list of current jobs openings with the United States government
Indeed Indeed Jobs Job board aggregator
DevITjobs DevITjobs Jobs Jobs for software developers
USDA Nutrients USDA Nutrients Health National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference