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Cat Facts Features and Pricing

Feature Value
HTTPS Support Yes
CORS Support No
Authentication Type No
Pricing Unknown

Cat-Facts API is a web-based API that provides a wide range of cat-related facts. Whether you are a cat lover or just someone who is curious about cats, this API has something for you.

The API is very easy to use. Simply send a GET request to the API endpoint with the desired fact number, and the API will return a JSON object containing the requested cat fact. For example, to get the first cat fact, you would send a request to

One of the great things about the Cat-Facts API is that it has a vast collection of cat facts, with over 5,000 unique facts in its database. This means that you can use the API to get a new cat fact every day for over 13 years!

In addition to providing individual cat facts, the Cat-Facts API also allows you to get a random cat fact. Simply send a GET request to the /random endpoint, and the API will return a randomly selected cat fact.

The Cat-Facts API is a great resource for cat lovers, as well as for developers looking to add a fun and interesting feature to their applications. Whether you want to learn more about cats or just need a fun fact to share with your friends, the Cat-Facts API has you covered.

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Cat Facts
Cat Facts