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Anime discovery & tracking

AniList Features and Pricing

Feature Value
HTTPS Support Yes
CORS Support Unknown
Authentication Type OAuth
Pricing Unknown

AniList is a website and API for keeping track of what anime you are watching and discovering new shows. It has a lots of features, such as tracking your anime list, adding new anime, marking as watched, recommending anime, browsing by genre and popularity, and more. AniList also has a very active community who use the website and API to build tools and websites. Some popular tools built with AniList are:- a website that lets you browse and search for anime, add new shows, and track what you're watching. It also has a calendar view of all the upcoming new anime releases.- Anime Calendar: a website that shows you all the airing anime each day and what time they air. It also has a list of all the anime that have been released in the past.- Compare: a website that compares your and anime lists and shows you how many anime you have in common. If you're a fan of anime, AniList is definitely a website and API you should check out.

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