Google Barcode

The Barcode API detects barcodes in real-time, on device, in any orientation. It can also detect multiple barcodes at once.

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Google Barcode

What is Google Barcode API?

Google Barcode API is a tool that allows developers to generate barcodes that can be used in their applications. The API can be used to generate barcodes in a variety of formats, including QR codes, PDF417, and Aztec codes.

The Google Barcode API is simple to use. Developers simply need to create a barcode object and specify the type of barcode they want to generate, the width and height of the barcode, and the text that should be encoded in the barcode.

The Google Barcode API can be used to generate barcodes for a variety of purposes. For example, developers might use the API to create barcodes that can be scanned by a smartphone to access a web page or to open an application. The API can also be used to generate barcodes that can be printed and used to track inventory or to scan coupons.