This api is not active, it's current status is BROKEN
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Upload and share your files anonymously

AnonFiles Features and Pricing

Feature Value
HTTPS Support Yes
CORS Support Unknown
Authentication Type No
Pricing Unknown

AnonFiles API is a platform that enables developers to interact with the AnonFiles file-sharing service. The API allows you to upload and download files, as well as manage user accounts and files. It also provides a way to search for files on the service.

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Samy Massoud
1 month ago

We have auto banned contents of hundreds of thousands files.
Banned file names and also banned specific usage patterns connected to abusive material to the point where we did not care if we accidental delete thousands of false positive in this process.
Even after all this the high volume of abuse will not stop.
This is not the kind of work we imagine when acquiring it and recently our proxy provider shut us down.
This can not continue.

Samy Massoud
1 month ago

This service is no longer working

After trying endlessly for two years to run a file sharing site with user anonymity we have been tired of handling the extreme volumes of people abusing it and the headaches it has created for us.
Maybe it is hard to understand but after tens of million uploads and many petabytes later all work of handling abuse was automated through all available channels to be fast as possible.