Microsoft Advertising Platform - Bing Ads API

Provides programmatic access to various advertising technologies.

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Microsoft Advertising Platform - Bing Ads API

What is Bing Ads API?

Bing Ads API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of programming instructions that allow software to interact with Bing Ads. The API allows you to manage your Bing Ads campaigns, accounts, and ads using your own software.

Bing Ads offers a wide variety of APIs, which give you the ability to:

-Manage your campaigns, including adding and editing campaigns, ad groups, and ads

-Get information about your campaigns, such as their status and performance

-Get detailed reports on campaign performance

-Generate tracking codes for your ads

-Create and manage your Bing Ads accounts

-Add, update, and delete your contact information

-Upload and manage your keywords

-Upload and manage your ads

-Upload and manage your ad targeting criteria

The Bing Ads API can be used by developers to create or extend their own applications, or by agencies and system integrators to manage Bing Ads for their customers.