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News data API for live-breaking news and headlines from reputed news sources

NewsData Features and Pricing

Feature Value
HTTPS Support Yes
CORS Support Unknown
Authentication Type apiKey
Pricing Unknown

AccordingNewsData API is an API that enables you to access to the latest news stories from different sources. NewsData API is a platform-agnostic API that allows you to gather headlines and articles from a range of sources. NewsData API allows you to gather headlines and articles from a range of sources. This can be helpful for retrieving breaking news, or for monitoring a certain topic or company.There are a few different ways to use the NewsData API. You can either use the provided SDKs or code your own application. Additionally, the NewsData team can help you set up a customized solution that meets your specific needs.You can find the NewsData API documentation on the NewsData website. The documentation includes information about the different endpoints, parameters, and response codes. Additionally, there is a section on how to use the API.The NewsData API is free to use for personal and commercial purposes. There are no restrictions on the number of requests that you can make.If you need help getting started with the NewsData API, or if you have any questions, please contact the NewsData team.

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