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Predictive football analytics API. Get expected scores from quantitative models and statistically fair odds for upcoming and historical matches. Find discrepancies by comparing ratings to final results and market prices. Quantify team performance and trends using the Metrx Index algorithm.

Metrx Factory Features and Pricing

Feature Value
HTTPS Support Yes
CORS Support No
Authentication Type apiKey
Pricing Trial

The Metrx Factory API composes a set of operations that provide sports analytics data for global football (soccer). Fundamental features are:

  • Listing historical and upcoming matches.
  • Rating team performance and trends using the Metrx Indexing approach - a proprietary algorithm.
  • Calculation of expected scores by means of quantitative models.
  • Compiling fair odds and comparing them to market odds.

The API covers data sets for more than 400 competitions worldwide and results for decades. Analysis originating from models such as Expected Goals or performance trends is available for upcoming matches as well as historical matches back until the year 2000.

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Metrx Factory
Metrx Factory