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Monetize across platforms with multiple ad formats.

Amazon Mobile Ads Features and Pricing

Feature Value
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Since Amazon released its Mobile Ads API, app developers and marketers have had access to a powerful new tool for monetizing their apps. With the Mobile Ads API, they can place ads within their apps and generate revenue from those ads.The Mobile Ads API allows app developers to place ads within their apps in a variety of locations, including the header and footer of the app, and within the body of the app. This gives app developers a great deal of flexibility in where they choose to place the ads.In addition, the Mobile Ads API makes it easy to track ad performance. App developers can see how many ad impressions and clicks their ads are generating, and they can track the revenue generated by those ads.The Mobile Ads API is simple to use and makes it easy to generate revenue from ads. If you are an app developer, or if you are marketing an app, you should definitely check out the Mobile Ads API.

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Amazon Mobile Ads
Amazon Mobile Ads