Retrieve recent or notable birding observations within a region

eBird API 2.0
  • Welcome to the new eBird API Documentation! The 2.0 APIs are a replacement for 1.1 APIs, which are now retired. All of these APIs (with a few exceptions) will require a key, which is tied to your eBird account. Please sign up for a key on the eBird website. The default response format is JSON unless otherwise noted. The key should be included in a request header called "x-ebirdapitoken". Alternatively, it can be included as a request parameter named 'key'. NOTE: Any response field with 'ID' in all caps such as 'locID' or 'subID' should be considered deprecated and may be removed in the future. Please let us know if such a response exists where no alternative with lowecase 'Id' is available. Terms of Use Changelog v3.3.32.4 2021-09-01 Added familyCode to /ref/taxonomy/ebird response v3.23 2021-01-21 Performance fix for 'Historic observations on a date' endpoint Previously, a path extension (e.g. '.json') was allowed in some requests to specify the response format. This is no longer supported. v3.13 2020-12-09 product/spplist now accepts any regionCode instead of just locIds v2.07 2020-02-06 Max distance, if specified, for 'Nearest observations of a species', is now 50km v2.06 2020-01-29 latestObsDt and numSpeciesAllTime are now always included in ref/hotspot results regardless of presence of 'back' parameter Removed default distance filter for 'Nearest observations of a species', as indicated in docs. v 2.04 2020-01-21 subId is now included in the 'simple' detail of all 'data/obs' endpoints v 2.03 'dist' parameter now accepts double precision
  • HTTPS Support Yes
  • CORS Support No
  • Authentication Type apiKey
  • Price Unknown