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Vantevo Analytics is the safer Google Analytics alternative, because you don't need any cookies not compliant with GDPR. A website analytics tool easy to use and light, that you can integrate into any website and back-end.

Vantevo Analytics Features and Pricing

Feature Value
HTTPS Support Yes
CORS Support No
Authentication Type apiKey
Pricing Trial

What is Vantevo Analytics API?The Vantevo Analytics API is a powerful platform that enables you to access your business data and analytics in real-time. With the API, you can easily create custom reports, dashboards, and insights that help you make smarter decisions about your business.The Vantevo Analytics API is easy to use. You simply register for an account, create a dataset, and start retrieving data. The API is also versatile, giving you the flexibility to access data in a variety of formats. You can access data in JSON, XML, and CSV formats, making it easy to import into your business applications.The Vantevo Analytics API is also secure. All data transferred through the API is encrypted using SSL, ensuring that your data is protected from unauthorized access.The Vantevo Analytics API is a powerful tool that can help you improve your business performance. With the API, you can access real-time data and analytics that can help you make smarter decisions about your business.

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Vantevo Analytics
Vantevo Analytics