Steam/PC Game Prices and Deals

CheapShark API

CheapShark is a price comparison website for digital PC Games. We keep track of prices across multiple stores including Steam, GreenManGaming, Fanatical, and many others.

We offer a fully documented public API for developers to use CheapShark pricing data on their own app or website.

Important Usage Notes

The API is completely free, the only condition being that you use CheapShark links when sending users to deals (see details in Deals section below). This is how we pay for hosting and development! :)

In general the API is designed to be called in response to user input / queries in your application. For example, a user searching for a particular game or browsing through pages of deals. Excessive automated requests to build a cached catalog of data will run into rate limiting issues and should be avoided.

Help & Support

For some real-world examples of this API in action, we suggest you check out the CheapShark website itself. Using your browser's DevTools, you can inspect how various pages and interactions use the API.

If you run into any issues, need help with your implementation, or just want to share what you'll be using the API for, feel free to get in touch with us anytime!

We're always happy to help on our Discord's dedicated #api-help channel or via email -

  • HTTPS Support Yes
  • CORS Support Yes
  • Authentication Type No
  • Price Unknown