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Filestack File Uploader & File Upload API

Filestack Features and Pricing

Feature Value
HTTPS Support Yes
CORS Support Unknown
Authentication Type apiKey
Pricing Unknown

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of programming instructions that allow two software programs to communicate with each other. APIs allow different software programs to "talk" to each other, exchanging data in a way that is both efficient and user-friendly.In the context of online file management, an API allows a user to send files to a web application, and receive files from that web application, without having to use a web browser. This makes file transfer between applications much simpler and more efficient.The Filestack API is a powerful set of programming instructions that allows users to send and receive files between web applications and Filestack-powered applications. It is a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly API that makes file transfer between applications easier than ever before.

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